ACBL Unit 503

Board of Directors Election Results

2017 Board of Directors

Leslie Altick
Gill Barsley
Marolyn Imaoka
Todd Makler
Alan Polish
Dave Puryear
John Schwartz
Jody Williams
Susan Zhang

There were six excellent candidates for five open two-year terms on the 2017 Unit 503 Board of Directors. One didn’t get elected, but hopefully that worthy candidate will be on the ballot next year.

Two incumbents, Dave Puryear and Todd Makler, were reelected. Alan Polish, John Schwartz and Susan Zhang were elected as new members. All five will be joining current members Leslie Altick, Gill Barsley, Marolyn Imaoka and Jody Williams as our 2017 Board.

Voting was relatively high this year as a total of 187 ballots were cast, with 162 valid ones and 25 invalid ones. The invalid ones consisted of 13 non-active members of Unit 503, 11 ballots with no names and one duplicate. Ten members used the email option to vote because they were out of town, or found it convenient to vote from home after checking out the candidate’s information on our website. There were four write-in votes for individuals with one vote each.

Let’s congratulate all the members of the 2017 Board and offer support for all the good work they do for our Unit.