ACBL Unit 503

Online Signup

Please use the following links to sign up for an event online. Although most of our special events have sufficient capacity, some of them do not and, unless you sign up, you will not be able to attend. Also, by signing up you help us plan our events by giving us an estimate of how many people will attend:

Regular Games

Wednesday Night

The doubleton cub now has their own club page with information about their upcoming games, high scores of the month and the ability to sign up for games.

Monday Morning at the Bridge Center, and,
Thursday Morning at the JCC

Due to the large size of these games reservations are required.

Please contact John Schwartz if you have questions about signing up for his games.

Unit Games

Monday Night

Held on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 PM at our Bridge Center.

This game has been cancelled.

Weekend Afternoon

Typically held one Sunday a month at 1 PM at our Bridge Center. Occasionally held on a Saturday afternoon.

They may be Pair or Team games and there is usually a limited (e.g., 199'er) section in addition to open section(s).

There may or may not be food served before the game.