ACBL Unit 503

2017 Unit 503 / Unit 507 Challenge

Date: October 7 (Pairs)


Bridge Center
432A Stierlin Road
Mountain View, CA
650 940-1824


For more information contact Linda Nemmer, email, or James Harris, email.

Unit 503 and Unit 507 will hold their second annual Inter-Unit Challenge. This friendly competition will be held at the Unit 503 Bridge Center in Mountain View. Saturday will be a 2-session Pairs game and Sunday will be a 2-session team game. You may belong to any bridge club but for this event you must sign up to represent either Unit 503 or Unit 507.

Lunch will be provided on both days between the two sessions.

We will fine tune the stratifications based on signups as we get closer to the event. If we have overwhelming interest for this event we will split the competition between the 503 and 507 bridge centers so make sure to include an email address so we can contact you if we need to.

Fee: $25 per day, $13 per day for students 25 and under.

Advance signup required. There will be limited, if any, same day entries at the tournament.

Sunday, October 8

  • 10 AM and approx. 2:30 PM SWISS Teams
  • 99er, 499er and Open games
  • View Signups (Can not sign up on this page. May have to refresh page to sort by Unit.)

Saturday October 7

Winner - Unit 507 Results

Event Winners Unit 503 Unit 507
Open A Yu Chang, Frank Xie   3
Open B Yu Chang, Frank Xie   2
Open C Yu Chang, Frank Xie   2
499'er A Jim Hulseman, Carl Baeuerlen 2  
499'er B Roy Tsai, Huoupei Wei   1
99'er Eva Cheung, Shankar Lyer 1  
Participation     1
Total   3 9