ACBL Unit 503

Why Are We Unit 503?

The ACBL is divided into large geographic areas which are called Districts. Districts, in turn, are divided into smaller geographic areas called Units.

Our District, District 21, reaches from Monterey to Santa Rosa and from the Pacific to Central California. District Map.

Our Unit, referred to as Palo Alto Unit 503, covers the northern portion of Santa Clara County (Palo Alto, Stanford, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and most of Mountain View).

When people join the ACBL they are normally assigned to the Unit which encompasses the person's residence. If a person wants to join a different Unit he or she can write "Please Enroll me in Unit XXX" on their application which will override the geographic location. Players may change Unit membership by contacting the ACBL at 1-800-467-1623 or by sending them an email requesting a transfer.