ACBL Unit 503

Communicate Online

We provide two discussion sites where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages: BridgeChat (email and web based, messages in chronological order) and Forums (web based, messages in chronological order by topic). Both require signing up and being approved for use.

Both BridgeChat and our Forums are unmoderated, which means nobody has to approve what you write. Our only guideline is to keep messages civil - no flame wars, please. Obscene or abusive messages may result in expulsion from them. If users violate this guideline or we become targets of spam we may reluctantly have to moderate or close them.


Our forums can only be used from our website. Messages are grouped in chronological order by topic.

Topics have initially been set up for:

  • Bidding
  • Conventions
  • Play of the Hand
  • Unit Discussions
  • Practice - familiarize yourself with the interface before posting to other topics.
  • Forum Feedback - let us what you think of them and what we could do to improve them.

Guests may view topics but only members can post to them.

To combat spammers your initial messages will have to be approved. To speed up approval email our webmaster after you've posted your first messages.

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Messages can be sent or received via email or by accessing a web page. Messages are provided in the chronologic order they were created, not by topic.

To email a message send it to the group email address rather than maintaining your own address book of contacts. You will receive an email each time someone posts a message to the group. Information about the group will be at the bottom of each email received.

To view or post to the web page you must have a Google account.

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