ACBL Unit 503

Happy New Year From Our Unit President

2016 was a great year for Unit 503. Our annual table count has been growing ever since we moved to our new Bridge Center and this year we went over the 10,000 mark! I believe this is a tribute to our excellent Directors, to our friendly atmosphere and to increased opportunities for newer players.

Our incredible volunteers made possible a series of successful events, including Seminars by Larry Cohen last Spring and Barbara Seagram last Fall, two Non-Life-Master Sectionals and an outstanding Firecracker Sectional. These events provided the Unit with a healthy budget surplus at the end of last year.

In addition to the big events, we have also achieved several other goals and milestones. We logged our 1,500,000th website hit in May. We replaced the flooring in our entry and food service areas. We established the Peninsula Bridge Education Foundation, which can receive tax-deductible contributions. And we persuaded the City to let us use the patio for lunch during the Firecracker.

We have begun to use a new website called Pianola, which emails your game results along with some interesting analytics. It also provides the Unit with a secure online Directory which we can keep up to date as new players join. We will soon switch our email notices to Pianola and if you are not signed up, you won’t get them. You will be receiving reminders to sign up for Pianola if you haven’t already done so. Please do so. It is FREE!

Last, but not least, we are establishing a new Saturday game aimed at newer players. It will meet monthly and feature a brief pre-game lecture.

I wish I had space to thank all the volunteers by name who have made this Unit and this year so successful, but last time we counted there were more than 100 of them! They have made it a pleasure to serve as President of Unit 503 this past year and I am looking forward to another successful year in 2017.

David Puryear, Unit President