ACBL Unit 503

Bridge Center

432A Stierlin Rd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 940-1824

Our Bridge Center is located in Mountain View with convenient access from Highway 101, Highway 85 North and surface streets.

It is a beautiful, new facility with comfortable seating and great lighting.

How to recognize our site

We lease our facility from the IFES Society, a Portuguese social club. Look for the large parking lot with the IFES SOCIETY sign at the street.

Our building is on the left as you look at the complex (behind the large tree in this picture).


We are required by the City of Mountain View to avoid street parking so please park in the parking lot rather than on the street. There is additional parking on both sides of the complex if you do not find parking in front of our building.

Because the IFES Society rents their main hall to other organizations, parking can sometimes be a problem. Please consider using Carpools and Public Transit.