ACBL Unit 503


Carpooling is the environmental right thing to do, because we save gas and because we find lovely people to talk to as we travel. It also reduces driving stress because we can use the carpool lanes on freeways.

Carpooling minimizes parking needs at all of our game locations and, in particular, it helps achieve our requirement to limit onstreet parking at our Bridge Center.

We especially need your help carpooling to several games

To be good neighbors, and because we are required to do so by our Use Permit, we need your help reducing the number of cars at the following games held at our Bridge Center:


How it works

Most people make carpool arrangements directly with friends. We encourage you to do that. However, if you would like to investigate other possibilities we have online signup to help you.

If you would like to let others know you are available to carpool select the Sign up for carpooling link and add your carpool preferences to our system. The information you provide will let others know the games to which you are available to carpool, the general area where you live (your actual address is not used for your privacy) and whether you can drive, ride or either. You may also provide contact information to make it easier for people to contact you, although this is not required (again, for your privacy).

You can also use the Sign up for carpooling link to modify existing carpool information.

If you would like to find others who are available for carpooling select the link for each game to which you'd like to carpool and contact those who have indicated their availability and who live in an area that looks like it would work for you (either driving or riding).

You also have the ability to sign up and view carpooler information at our Bridge Center.


Total carpoolers to date: 6