ACBL Unit 503

Mentor Program

Mentor-Mentee Pairs

As of March 2017. Click on a column heading to sort by that column.

Mentor Mentee
Baldwin, Valerie Green, Francie
Barasch, Steve Gregor, Anne  
Bennett, Fran Gray, Margie
Bower, Joan Cushman, Jana  
Bozzini, Norma Smith, Alice  
Chaney, Carolyn Swenson, Carol
Crosley, David Chung, Eva
Griswold, Sue Kaupp, Sue  
Kelly, Kathleen Pezzani, Vivian
Kelly, Marian Carter, Carole
Keyser, Anne Boelke, Jan
Lubeck, Stephen Rosenstock, Norman  
Lundahl, Debbie Alan Templeton  
Makler, Todd Hopkins, Mary  
Makler, Todd Martin-Newman, Dana
Murphy, Moira Trueheart, Ann
Orelove, Merle Polish, Alan
Paris, George Carr, Steve
Patrick, Jerry Worland, Clover  
Pirsch, Denise Carlson, Charlotte  
Rubenfeld, Rita Steele, Patricia
Samuels, Brian Rayden, Jon
Scheidtmann, Bob Smith, Fred  
Shaw, Kathie Lisandro, Eiko
Shea, Harriel Puryear, Kathy
Spaeth, Lori Puryear, David
Stagner, Alex Barnard, Kathryn  
Stuart-Smith, James DeGolia, Cheryl
Templeton, Alan Youngquist, Stephanie  
Zuckerberg, Ed Darby, Geri  

Our Mentor program matches an experienced player with a lesser experienced player to help the less experienced player improve his or her game. Mentors and mentees must be members of the Unit and should be willing to meet and play at least one time per month.

Mentors should be accessible by phone or email to help with play problems and to enrich their mentees' club and tournament play experience. Special thanks go to our Mentors who donate their time to help less experienced players.

Mentees must have at least 20 Masterpoints and should be willing to work hard to improve and to implement their mentors' suggestions.

The ACBL provides a nice summary of the benefits and responsibilities of being a mentor and mentee.

Please contact Anne Keyser, (410) 294-2760 email, to request a mentor or volunteer to become a mentor.

If you are interested in participating, or you are part of a mentor-mentee pair and are not listed, please contact Alan Cummings email (650) 619-6664.