ACBL Unit 503

Marty Bergen Secrets to Winning Bridge Booklet Offer

Marty Bergen publishes a set of 28 booklets in his Secrets to Winning Bridge series. You can see a list of his booklets plus a short description of them at his website. A complete set is also available in our Bridge Center library.

28 booklets might seem like a lot, but they cover a wide range of practical topics. Each day, you will love having the opportunity to decide which booklet you want to learn from, including being able to easily take it with you when you go out.

Marty is a long-time teacher of all levels, so he makes sure to be reader-friendly with everything he writes. Marty is the author of the $1 best-selling bridge book ever written, Points Schmoints.

The list price for these booklets is $9.95 each plus shipping (multiple unit discounts apply). Marty has offered to sell these to Unit 503 members and friends for the following price:

All Unit 503 orders of 8+ booklets will include:

A special secure website has been set up for Unit 503 members and friends to place your order with a major credit card. That is the easiest and best way to place your order. If you would rather not use this web site you can call Marty at 800 386-7432 before 8 PM Eastern time. He needs your name, major credit card, and expiration date. Marty will probably answer the phone himself, but if he's out, you can leave a message with your phone number including area code. In any case, you MUST identify yourself as a 503 member or friend of one.

We thank Alan Cummings for arranging this.