ACBL Unit 503

Private Lessons

Our Unit is committed to providing opportunities for members to learn the game and improve their individual and partner bridge skills. Below is a list of teachers who offer group and/or individual lessons to Unit members. Please contact them directly for price and availability.

If you have any general questions contact Lori Spaeth (650) 906-3987 email.

If you'd like to be included on this list please email us with your information.

Name Individual Lessons Group Lessons Notes
Bowling, Gabriella
(650) 619-0555


Weekly lessons, typically 2 to 3 week sessions in modular increments with pre-dealt hands on a variety of subjects including bidding, play of the hand and defense.   Handouts provided.

Mini-lessons on a variety of subjects prior to the Wednesday 199er game at the Unity Church in Palo Alto.

Beginning through intermediate-advanced players.
Harper, Kathy
ACBL Accredited Teacher
ABTA Master Teacher
(650) 207-1816

Game play followed by short assessment.

Cover a wide range of subjects in bidding, play and defense.

Based on a six week series, generally every other week.

Beginning through advanced players.

Lee, Agnes
ACBL Accredited Teacher
Certified Club Director
(650) 281-5802


Cover a wide range of subjects in bidding, play and defense.  At clubs, retirement communities, private homes, cruises.

Provides current, cutting-edge teaching material with emphasis on understanding “why we do what we do” and “learning through playing.”

Proficiencies: Standard American, 2/1, Acol. This is important for recruiters and international students/travelers.

Lessons are typically four weeks long. Mini workshops are either 5-hours long or three 2-hour sessions. Topics are designed to enhance a competitive edge, such as Managing Entries, Effective Slam Bidding, Counting, Making a Plan for Declarer Play and Defense. 

Beginning through intermediate players.
Rollin, John
(510) 324-5683

Game play followed by detailed assessment.

Group lessons available on request.


Beginning to Intermediate players.

Rosenberg, Debbie
World Champion & ACBL Grand Master
(408) 320 4473

Available for club, tournament, or online play and review.

Structured lessons with handouts available for almost any topic of bidding, defense, or declarer play.  Emphasis on what to think about and how.  Especially loves teaching play of the hand.  All lessons include practice deals.

Preplanned lessons or supervised play.

Any level except rank beginner.

Rothschild, Don
(408) 732-3329

Game play followed by short assessment.

Lecture, usually on an organized approach to standard American bidding, followed by supervised play; other topics on request.


Beginning through advanced players.

Saunders, Prue
ACBL Accredited Teacher
(650) 464-3969


Private lessons in your home.

Teaches 8 week series at Avenidas Senior Center at 450 Bryant Street, Palo Alto. (650) 289-5400


Beginning through advanced players.