ACBL Unit 503

Polish Your Basics

Level: Basic-Intermediate

Thursday Mornings
9:15 to 11:15 AM
September 14, 2017 - February 8, 2018

Instructor: Kathy Harper

Location: Bridge Center

Cost: $185 Including materials. Students 25 and under half-price.

Sorry, this class is full

Review and refine your bidding in this class for second year students or players who have been away from the game.  Expand your understanding of the new style of bidding as we explore auctions that are not discussed in many bridge courses. Written by Pat Harrington

This Basic-Intermediate Bridge Class builds upon our Beginning Bridge Classes and prepares our students for our Intermediate Classes.

Notes will be emailed for all classes. No make-up classes are offered for missed classes.

Our course instructor is ABTA Master Teacher Kathy Harper. Kathy and our wonderful volunteers give students individual attention which helps our students learn in a fun environment.

Please contact Kathy Harper at (650) 207-1816 email for additional information.

PLAY & LEARN Polish Your Basics Dates

Categorize Your Strength! How declarer uses discards. Quick losers.

September 14, 2017

Which Suit do I bid first? Bidding distributional hands.

September 28

Bidding balanced Hands. Stayman.

October 12

When you don’t have game, stop at a reasonable LOW spot.

October 26

Help suit game tries with single raise in the majors.

November 9

Major suit limit raises. Why four-card support?

December 7

"Newplicate", the “Weak Freak” and how to show a good major raise.


How to avoid rebidding a five-card suit. Reverses.

January 11, 2018

Responder’s only forcing bid.

January 25

When a New Suit by Responder is NOT forcing.

February 8