ACBL Unit 503

Celebrity Teacher Series


Programs are held on specified Saturday mornings from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at our Bridge Center.

Marty Bergen: Squeezes and Endplays, Creating Trump Tricks, and How to Play a Part Score
Dates: April 12, 19, May 3, 10 & 24, June 21

Unfortunately, the producers of these series have informed us they do not intend to create more so this will be the last one.

Past Events

Ron Klinger: Improve Your Declarer Play
2014: January 18 & 25, February 1 & 8, March 22 & 29

Barbara Seagram: Improve Your Defense
2013: September 7, 14, 21, 28, October 5 and 19

Marty Bergen: How to Play 3NT
2013: July 27

Jerry Helms: How to Play and Defend Notrump Contracts
2013: February 9, March 2, 16, April 13, 20 and May 4


We'd really appreciate your feedback about this program. We know the AV problems have been distracting for you as well as a headache for us but any other feedback you can provide would be welcomed.

This series of classes features some of the best bridge teachers in the world. The teachers will be coming to us over the internet in sets of six classes:

Each class is stand-alone, however each mentoring class is set up to reinforce the celebrity teacher's prior lecture/play. Sample scripts and lecture can be viewed at

Reservations are not required.

All communication is sent via email. For more information contact Valerie Baldwin.


You will not need a partner. We will have helpers who will assist you in finding someone to play with at the class.


We will have tea and coffee available. You are welcome to bring food as long as you take responsibility for cleaning up the results (leftovers, crumbs, spills, etc.).


To attend the complete set of classes for any teacher mail your check for $50 per teacher made out to Valerie Baldwin to:
Valerie Baldwin
243 Echo Lane
Portola Valley, Ca 94028.

Please indicate the teacher series for which you are paying and provide your email address and phone number.

Masterpoint Game Following

You are welcome to play in the duplicate game following our class. If you wish to play in this game, lunch is served at 11:30 AM and the game starts at noon. Those not staying for this game will need to leave the center promptly after our class.