ACBL Unit 503

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If you're a frequent player at our club games we invite you to join our Unit. You'll be joining a friendly, competitive Unit and we'll get a little financial support from the ACBL.

To join us get an application from the director at one of our games. Please note on the application to assign you to Unit 503.

When you join the ACBL, or move, you will automatically be assigned to our unit if you live in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto or Stanford (more precisely Zip Codes: 94023, 94024, 94035, 94039, 94040, 94041, 94042, 94043, 94301, 94302, 94303, 94304, 94305, 94306 and 94309). To transfer your membership from another Unit contact the ACBL at 1-800-467-1623 or send them an email requesting a transfer including your name and ACBL number.

Palo Alto Unit 503, The ACBL

PO Box 391206.
Mountain View, CA 94039
(650) 940-1824

Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons - for direct communication with our Board of Directors or persons responsible for various activities in our Unit

Club Owners and Directors - for questions about games or game results.

Unit Contact - for general information email us.