ACBL Unit 503

Bridge Center Rent Payment Forms

Use the following forms to calculate and document the payments for use of the Bridge Center:

Club Payment for monthly reporting of all club games.

Club payments are made at the beginning of each month for that month just as the Bridge Center pre-pays its monthly rent. Rather than asking club owners to make estimates at the beginning of each month and then correct them at the end of each month each month's payment is simply the rent they should have paid for the previous month (or an estimate if the game did not exist the previous month).

As an example, the payment due January 1st is pre-paying rent for January. It is not paying the rent for December even though the amount of the payment is based on the December table count.

The only exception to this is the last month a club plays at the Bridge Center (the club is either closed or moved elsewhere). At the end of that month the club owner owes or is owed the difference between the payment owed for that month based on actual table count and the payment that was made at the start of the first month the game was held at the Bridge Center.

Game Payment for individual, non-club games such as Unit Games, Unit Party, NAP, etc.

Payment is due five days following a game.

Does not apply to private games. See Bridge Center Rental Policy for rental rates.

Payment left in the treasurer's folder at the Bridge Center are limited to checks, only. Please, no cash.