ACBL Unit 503

Light Controller

The Bridge Center has a master light controller that prevents lights from being left on all night by accident. It does this by controlling the power to the light switches, not to the lights themselves. We are required to use this per building codes.

There are three sets of override buttons in the building which will allow you to override the controller. Each set has two square buttons, one on top of the other. The upper button will turn the light power ON but will not turn the lights on if the light switches are not turned on. The lower button will turn the light power OFF which will turn all lights off even if the light switches are on.  These settings will be in effect until the next cycle of the power controller.

The override switches are located:

The power to all of our light switches will be turned off at 11:59 PM and on again at 6 AM unless overridden.

If you arrive and you can not turn on any lights, or if all the lights go off during normal hours it will probably be because someone hit one of the override buttons. Please try pressing one of the upper override buttons before calling someone about the problem.

Please do not use the override buttons as a quick way to turn off all the lights. This will only cause problems for the next people who enter the building and will also disable the controller until the next morning.

What to do if you're in the Bridge Center between midnight and 7 AM

If you are already in the building the lights will flash once five minutes before the light power will be turned off. To prevent the lights from being turned off press one of the upper override buttons.

If you enter the building after the power to the lights has been turned off, you will have to press one of the upper override buttons as well as turn on the light switches.

Once activated the override will keep the lights powered for one hour. Five minutes before the end of the hour the lights will blink again to warn you that they are about to be turned off. Therefore, you will have to override the light controller every hour if you want the lights to remain powered.

The settings on the controller should not have to be changed. If you suspect there is a problem with the controller please call the Bridge Center Manager to investigate the problem.

Controller settings are:

Set Time and Date:

  • Current Time
  • Current Date

Daylight Savings Time:

  • Follow DST? Yes
  • Use Auto Dates? Yes

Select Location:

  • State: California
  • City: San Jose (?)

Assign Relays/Channel:

  • Set all Relays to Channel A

Set Chanel A to:

  • Day: Monday
  • Scheduled On/Off
  • Open:6:00 thru:23:59 (time lights will be powered)
  • Time Delay: 060 Min. (time relay will remain on if turned on manually during normal off time)
  • Blink before off? Yes
  • Press Copy and select all days and holidays.

Relays are:

  1. Front two rows of lights (playing area nearest main entrance)
  2. Kitchen and Bar lights
  3. Second two rows of lights
  4. Lights in food area and dealing machine/storage room
  5. Third two rows of lights
  6. Back lights and restrooms
  7. Main entry and library
  8. Not connected