ACBL Unit 503

Audio/Video System

We have a very nice Audio/Video system which provides sound throughout our building and video from two overhead projectors with motorized screens.

Audio and/or video sources can be connected to our system at multiple areas of our playing area.

The audio and video equipment that controls our system is in the equipment rack (the black metal enclosure) on the outer wall of the women's bathroom. (Settings for equipment in the equipment rack.)

Various cables and converters to connect to our system are stored in our storage area.


Video can be input from a computer or other video source that provides HDMI output. Video can also be input from a computer using Mini DisplayPort or USB (requires software installation) using one of our adaptors. There is a single video input next to the director's desk.

Our projectors can be used individually or both at once. They are fed from a single video source which means they can not display different programming.

Using our Video System.


Audio can be input from a computer, from a wired or wireless microphone or from a music player or other audio device. It also provides the audio sent to our video system.

Audio inputs are located at several locations in our playing area.

Audio is monaural (not stereo) and it provides the same audio to all speakers in our building (it can not provide different audio to different areas of our building).

Audio levels can be individually controlled in multiple zones in our building.

Using our Audio System.