ACBL Unit 503

Bridge Center Class Rental Policy

This policy covers the use of our Bridge Center (BC) for bridge classes by an independent teacher (not unit-sponsored) and can be a single session (one day) or multi-session, both referred to here as a “class”. Rental of the club shall be governed by this policy. All teacher rentals require the approval of the Education Chairman. A Rental shall not exceed four hours, includes only the Banquet Room, and may not use any club services or supplies (except as listed below).

Class rentals can be requested up to 6 months in advance of the start date. Teachers will be given access to our Educational Calendar to check availability. All approved classes will be entered onto our Educational Calendar, given announcement space on our website,, and announced in our monthly newsletter, The Kibitzer, if space is available.

Class Rental BC Fee

$3 per student, per class, per session

Duties of Rentee