ACBL Unit 503

Bridge Center Resources


Fee Schedule - for bridge center rental.

License Agreements

Rental Policies

Payment Forms

  • Rent - calculates montly payment due for classes, club games and individual games such as Unit Games.
  • Supplies - calculates the payment for supplies taken for games not played at the Bridge Center


Master Schedule - all currently scheduled events as well as conflicts at our location that may limit parking or require us to be closed.
Note: Items listed on the Special Events Calendar may not be included on this calendar so check that calendar also.

Conflicts at our Location - times when parking may be limited or the Bridge Center must be closed. All users of the Bridge Center should check these for possible conflicts with their use.


Audio/Video System - instructions for using audio and overhead projectors.

Dealing Machine

Equipment Manuals - manuals for much of the equipment we have at our bridge center.

Internet - what to do if you have touble connecting.

Light Controller - instructions for using the master light controller

Skype - Skype can be used to videochat with remote users who can share their desktop for presentations. Audio back to the remote source is TBD (suggest a phone call).

White Board Care

Food Safety

Food Safety Administration - prepare and take a test to be awarded a Food Safety Certificate which is required of all people serving food in our facility.