ACBL Unit 503

Table Counts By Month for 2017

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Bridge Center Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total
Sunday Aft. Unit Game160014016100000056
Monday Morn.206183.5177175218.5170.5114.5000001245
Bridge 'n Brunch85.590.5103.58096.55952.500000567.5
Doubleton Club7799.511798.5129.5777100000669.5
Thursday Aft.70.578.597.56477.5715500000514
TGIF AM Bridge130.5148.5169131.5127.513499.500000940.5
Friday Night4931151140000047
Shoreline DBC1418913.59990000081.5
Saturday Aft. Unit Game1016.51515.520.5231300000113.5
SiVY Bridge (Sun. A)101092001000000059
SiVY Bridge (Fri. A)0000060000006
SiVY Bridge (Sat. A)0000080000008
Other Locations
Tuesday Noon49.546.5484690453400000359
Vi DBC4336.54435.5413621.500000257.5
Vi DBC910888000000043
Wed. Aft. 199'er31.5366139.55033.53100000282.5
Thursday Morn.76.599123949858.54700000596
Vi DBC1213151715211500000108
All Locations107811181206.51050.51220942.5711000007326.5

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