ACBL Unit 503

Table Counts for June 2018

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Bridge Center Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total Ave. YTD Total YTD Ave. YTD Max.
Sunday Aft.0000000888
Sunday Aft. Unit Game0000000561420
Monday Morn.42.544.5430013043.3101942.547
Bridge 'n Brunch20180003819456.51924
Doubleton Club2325.500048.524.355023.927.5
Thursday Aft.18.52400042.521.3473.519.737
TGIF AM Bridge24.53641.5001023486736.143
Friday Night0230052.5442.94
Shoreline DBC001200121281914.5
Saturday Aft. Unit Game000000066.516.619
SiVY Bridge (Sun. A)001000101082.511.831
Other Locations
Tuesday Noon12.511.51200361232813.128
Vi DBC69800237.7190.57.619.5
MCC Duplicate0000000317.88
Wed. Aft. 199'er13.51500028.514.3295.512.328
Thursday Morn.2220.500042.521.346621.226.5
Vi Supervised Duplicate4.550009.54.828.54.15
Vi DBC45500144.784.548
All Locations7046424

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