ACBL Unit 503

Uploading Game Reports and Data to our Website


The following instructions assume you are using the directors computer at the Bridge Center and the report or data file has already been generated. Following them are suggestions for using a different computer.

The hand records or deal file must not be uploaded to the website before your game to prevent premature access to them.

Uploading the ACBLScore game results

Uploading ACBLScore game results to our website deletes all ACBLScore game result files on the Director's computer. If you are reporting more than one game you must generate and upload the game results for each game before generating and uploading the game results for the next game.

Uploading the Contracts Report

Uploading the Deal File

Uploading the Hand Record

Uploading a Lesson

Uploading using a different computer

If you want to use your own computer you can use a number of programs to do this:

Whichever program you use, you will need to obtain data about our website from Alan T. in order to configure the program properly.