ACBL Unit 503

Generate Reports and Data for our Website

These pages provide detailed instructions for generating reports for our Game Results page. There are two important conditions that must be met to display game files:

  • Files must have the exact name that the website expects. If a file does not have the exact name, it will not be displayed.
  • The ACBLScore game result must be on our website for any of the other reports or files for that game to be displayed.

Here is a list of the required names for different types of reports and data. In each of these cases YY is the two digit year, MM is the two digit month, DD is the two digit day and T is the time of day (M - morning, A - afternoon, E - evening, L - late):

  • ACBLScore game result : YYMMDDT.TXT Note that TXT must be capitalized. This is the default name generated by ACBLScore.
  • BridgePad Report: BYYMMDDT.pdf or .PDF
  • Data File: DYYMMDDT.pbn or .PBN or .zip or .ZIP
  • Hand Record: HYYMMDDT.pdf or .PDF
  • Lesson: LYYMMDDT.pdf or .PDF
  • Recap: CYYMMDDT.htm or .HTM, or RYYMMDDT.htm or .HTM

Our game results page can display multiple types of game information. All files for a specific game are uploaded to the same directory on the website for that game:

ACBLScore Game Result - This is the standard game result generated by ACBLScore. This report provides the information for the Winners' Circle and the online table counters so it is important that it be correct; no missing sections, no duplicate sections, no sections from other games, etc.

BridgePad Data - you can upload the PDF file generated by the BridgePad software. It must be named similar to the associated ACBLScore game file: CYYMMDDT.pdf or CYYMMDDT.PDF where C is the capital letter C.

Contract Report - This is the report that shows the contracts and results as well as the hand record for each hand.

Deal File - the website will accept a .pbn or .ppl file for use in bridge software such as Bridge Baron. Note that PC users can use either type of file but Mac users can only use .ppl files.

Hand Record (from Dealmaster Pro). This is normally the second step in generating random hands for our dealing machine and must be preceded by generating random hands.

Lesson - A Lesson is any PDF document you want to associate with a game result. The method of generating it is left up to you. The only restriction is that it must be named similar to the corresponding ACBLScore game file: LYYMMDDT.pdf or LYYMMDDT.PDF where L is the capital letter L.