ACBL Unit 503

Board and Club Owner Resources

Club Owners

ACBL Club Administration - resources for clubs

ACBL New Member Appliation Form - available to all Club Managers, Club Directors, Accredited Teachers, Unit/District Officials and ACBL Employees. Instructions for downloading and using

ACBLScore Help - help setting up unusual situations in ACBLScore. If you'd like us to document some specific situations contact Alan T.

Generate Reports and Data for our Website - generating the game results, hand records, Bridge Baron files and lessons for our Game Results webpage.

Upload Reports and Data to our Website - uploading the game results, hand records, Bridge Baron files and lessons to our Game Results webpage.

Special Games at Clubs - special games for clubs and Units.

IFES Contact Information

Contact Information:

Hall Rentals


Board of Directors

ACBL Handbook of Rules and Regulations -the rules and regulations and policies and procedures of ACBL

ACBL Unit Information

ACBL Support for Units and Districts - support for Units and Districts.

Board of directors mail list for communications between board members.

Bridge Center Stationary


Important Dates - activities that should be performed at specific times during the year.

Online Signups - Online signups for Unit Games and other special events.

Table Counts - calculated from game results posted to ou r website.

Work in Progress -business that the Board has not completed and new business that the Board has not yet addressed.